IamSafe aka Guvendeyim

IamSafe allows you to notify your loved ones that you are safe in earthquakes, floods or other emergencies and it has been developed by Genel Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. Sti. and AKUT Search and Rescue Association with IamSafe, base stations will not be busy, and those who suffer from disaster can easily make calls with their mobile phones.
The purpose of the application is to establish an instant communication between people who are not affected by the disaster and their relatives easily in the event of a disaster, without unnecessary usage of phone lines. Thanks to the IamSafe app, only people who really need help can use phone lines in these hard times.
How does IamSafe app work?
To use this app, you must first enter the settings section of the application and save the phone number of at least one person. When you add the number, the “I am Safe” button is activated. Finally, if you click the button in case of an earthquake, a fire or a different emergency, the app will send an estimated location and an SMS that you are safe to phone numbers you added. You don’t need an internet connection, except to download the app and enter the phone numbers. In order for the message that you are safe to go, you need to make sure you have enough SMS credits. If you do not have enough SMS credits, a message is sent that you are safe with the standard fee of your package or tariff. You can also see the new features of the IamSafe app with our recently added notification feature.

Why is IamSafe app important?

In the event of a natural disaster and emergency, many people in the same city may be affected by this situation, and telephone and internet lines may become crashed. Even if you are safe, this may lead you to fail to convey your situation to your loved ones and have information about whether your loved ones are safe. IamSafe app allows you to transmit your predicted location automatically via SMS to your loved ones after tapping the button.
Important Note: In emergency situations, sometimes base stations may not be efficient enough to reach your relatives in the same city. For this reason, we recommend that you choose at least one phone number from outside the city.
In addition, you can also learn what to do in an emergency, such as an earthquake, flood, or fire through this app.

Founded in 1996, AKUT Search and Rescue Association is a non-governmental and United Nations INSARAG member organization whose aim is to carry out the effective search and rescue activities in a mountain or other nature-related accidents and urban areas. With the decision of the Council of Ministers of Republic of Turkey on 19 January 1999, AKUT received the status of an “Association for Public Interest”.