AKUT is entirely a voluntary, non-governmental organization involved in searching, assisting and rescuing all who require aid within its authority and means, in mountain or other nature-related accidents, natural disasters and all other emergency conditions by means of well-trained, disciplined, high-standard personnel and equipment, passing on knowledge to society with no political affiliation.

AKUT's Values

  • Volunteerism
  • Honesty/Integrity
  • Trustworthiness/Reliability
  • Benevolence
  • Respect and value for human life

Our Ethical Values

AKUT is an NGO originally formed by a few mountaineers with the initial aim of aiding those who require emergency aid in mountain terrain or other nature-related accidents. These mountaineers, who formed a group of tight-knit and well acquainted members, carried out their initial work according to their upstanding moral and ethical values. Although unwritten at first, their values were easily codified as each member was of the same mind. With the process that began with the Adana-Ceyhan earthquake and continue with the Marmara quake of 17 August 1999, membership increased and the profile of members underwent changes. In an environment where there are an increasing number of people and ideas, having a written ethical code became necessary in order to prevent clashing concepts, loss of ethics, principles and aims whilst preserving the integrity of these values and reflecting these values correctly to potentially new members as well as the public at large. As time went on, there were, naturally, changes to the ethical code, however, AKUT now places utmost importance to preserve its core values stated above, and for all past, present and future members to unite and uphold these values.

  • Saving human life is AKUT"s number one ethical principle that enables its existence. Look back, the original zeal and vigour displayed by mountaineers striving to rescue their friends from mountain-related emergencies ultimately lead to the establishment of AKUT. This mission, thereafter, widened to include natural disasters, and led to the growth of the association onto the international stage.
  • AKUT's second ethical value lies in volunteerism and benevolence and this is underpinned in the aim of helping people in mountain or other nature-related accidents, natural disasters and all other emergency conditions. AKUT carries out its mission without the expectation of any moral or monetary return.
  • AKUT's third ethical value rests with trustworthiness and reliability. The AKUT member does not seek any personal benefit whatsoever whilst saving lives, and s/he must be honest, viable, trustworthy and reliable to her/himself, each other and to the wider public in normal life whilst applying the same values to victims during a disaster relief effort.
  • AKUT must be morally and monetarily independent. To continue its mission, the association requires donations and sponsorship agreements to maintain operations, training sessions and equipment standards. AKUT must refrain from committing itself to agreements which may compromise its independence. The association shall remain committed to Ataturk"s revolutionary principles, the laws of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish people and its traditions. The only restrictions upon AKUT shall be the national interests of Turkey and basic human values.
  • AKUT must not be a mediatic organization. Although the association will have established relationships with the media in the interests of publicity and training, only authorized AKUT personnel are to be conducting these affairs. Only the association, and not its individual members, must be at the forefront of such relationships, refraining members from acquiring any personnel benefit in any way, shape, or form. It is crucial to preserve the reputation of AKUT. When addressing the media, consistency with correctness, honesty and broadcasting principles must be preserved and a reciprocal approach should be expected from counterparts. Photographs, videos, slides and all other media elements to be issued to the media during operations and thereafter archived must be conducted by authorized personnel and collected and distributed from a single source. AKUT"s ethical value in this context is to stand side-by-side with the media, yet not be media outlet.
  • AKUT and its members must always be clear and transparent, without any hidden or confidential motives. This ethical value its applicable to the wider public as well as the association of members. The organization must maintain its current state of readiness in explaining AKUT"s actions, purely due to the fact that the association exists with the support of the public and the state. Within AKUT, members must be honest and clear to each other and be able to account for their own actions. Unexplained and undefined factions within the organization only serve to jeopardize the unity of AKUT.
  • AKUT is a non-profit entity, supporting itself with public donations, the state and sponsors, as mentioned. Yet, these donations are insufficient to maintain its existence. If legislative modifications are made, commercial entities related to AKUT may be established and business may be carried out. It must be said that the purpose of these commercial establishments is solely to serve the maintenance of AKUT"s existence, to enable participation in operations, pass on knowledge to the public and preserve its ethical values.