25 Ocak 2020 Cumartesi 20:25

At 20:55 local time on 24/01/2020, an earthquake of M 6.8 (AFAD and Bosphorus University) shook the southeastern Turkish province of Elazig at a depth of 6.75km. Among many aftershocks, the most powerful one of M 5.4 hit at 21:08 local time.

AKUT Emergency Management Immediately began monitoring developments as they unfolded, and the decision was made to deploy. AKUT's Bingol team departed first for Elazig, thereafter followed by AKUT teams from Ankara, Bursa, Gaziantep, Kuşadası, Giresun, Istanbul, Rize and Trabzon. AKUT Bingol arrived on the scene at 23:30 and commenced search and rescue at 00:00. AKUT, together with AFAD and the Gendarmerie, extricated one live victim at Elazig's Mustafapasa district at 04:15 local time and handed the victim over to medical teams. A second live victim was also extricated immediately after the first victim, together with AFAD, Gendarmerie, National Medical Rescue and IHH teams.

AKUT's Ankara, Bursa, Istanbul and Kocaeli teams arrived at Elazig Airport at 06:00 local time, whilst AKUT Rize arrived at the city centre by road.

AKUT is participating in the search and rescue effort with 98 personnel and 2 search dogs.

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